Detoxify quickly with sauna therapy!

Using a sauna is a very therapeutic way to help your body and skin detoxify.

Women who are pregnant and young children should avoid them. An adult must accompany children who are able to withstand the heat. You can start out slowly as long as your skin is not cracked and pus-filled. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after each session. Initial sessions should be brief because your body needs to build up to a desirable length of time. Don’t expect to sweat the first several times. This will come once the body has adjusted its temperature to the prolonged heat. The maximum time should not exceed sixty minutes. You can do it fifteen minutes four or five times a day if you want.

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After finishing your skin may redden for an hour afterward. Take a cool or warm shower. Do not use any soap. Soap leaves a film and clogs the pores. If you must use something be sure that it has no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate in it. If your skin is dry you can apply a thin layer of emu oil on it, although my daughter used Aveeno with no problem. Emu oil penetrates the skin and it moisturizes and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids. It doesn’t clog pores; it’s hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. Emu oil penetrates the outer skin and nourishes and heals the skin at the deepest levels. It is important to drink around eight ounces of water after your sauna. Sit and relax for at least ten minutes. This gives your body a chance to return to normal and obtain the full benefit of the experience.

When toxins are eliminated and chronic infections heal, symptoms such as rashes, fatigue, aches, pains, and headaches may emerge. These are common healing or detoxification reactions. Although these symptoms are temporary, they are very real and can be very debilitating. If you get too sick from any detoxification method you can slow down and give yourself a break. I have been detoxifying for almost a year now and have always experienced a healing crisis. Each and every time I do a detoxification, I either get a skin rash, a sinus infection, a headache and fatigue. It’s not pleasant, but it is well worth it.

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