Light therapy does more than heal psoriasis...

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I read about light therapy at the time when my daughter was being treated unsuccessfully for psoriasis by her dermatologist. I found out that the medical community has been using phototherapy for some time. I wondered why my daughter's dermatologist did not mention this service to us, nor did she offer it up when I argued against her prescribing steroidal creams and lotions.

After I asked her about the possibility of trying phototherapy, she reluctantly agreed to allow my daughter to undergo weekly treatments.

My daughter loved phototherapy. She felt like she was blasting off in a rocket ship, even though she was only encapsulated for forty-five seconds to a minute at the most. I realized that this could be an option for other health-conscious people who were at their wits end with current medical treatments for psoriasis. Phototherapy did not make my daughter's psoriasis go away, but it most definitely provided a lot of relief. Perhaps more importantly, it kept my daughter's dermatologist off our back about refusing her treatments.

There is another big bonus associated with phototherapy.

Friday, Nov 7 (Psych Central) -- New Therapy for Affective Disorders. According to the Harvard Mental Health Letter, bright white light has been used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for more than 20 years.

It is medically proven to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and can be used alone or in combination with therapy and/or medications. I have not purchased an at-home light for myself, but I am certainly looking into it for the grueling winter months up north.

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