Food and stress

I agree with what you've written about the causes of Psoriasis. Stress is a huge factor in how bad it gets.

I come from a family that has a history of dermatitis and other skin conditions. My aunt has really bad Psoriasis. Over the last few years she's had a huge amount of stress from various family situations that has really aggravated her condition. Her hands became very dry and scaly and nothing would get rid of it.

She found that as well as trying to relieve the stress as much as was possible her diet had a massive effect on her symptoms. By cutting out dairy products, such as milk and cheese, her skin cleared up quite a lot. She also stays of wheat as much as possible because this seems to cause a flare up.

By taking care of her diet and paying attention to the ingredients in processed food this has helped her to recover to a degree. Thankfully the stressful family situation is also improving, which has helped immensely. The combination of the stressful situation and dealing with the negative emotions that it caused affected both her physical and emotional condition. In turn this lead to outbreaks of Psoriasis.

Although it's not always possible to control external situations it is always possible to eat carefully. My aunt doesn't buy processed food but she makes things herself. That way she is in control of what goes into her meals. It also allows her to eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Growing her own veg ensures that the food hasn't been contaminated with sprays.

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