Cures for psoriasis sufferers:

Calm and soothe

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The first thing on your list will be cures that will reduce your psoriasis sufferer's agony. Psoriasis seems more intense at night than any other time, so I started with the bath because the warm water seemed to provide some relief and a way to add ingredients that might provide additional relief. One odd ingredient to try when the sufferer has infectious psoriasis is bleach; 1/2 cup of common household bleach added to bathwater. I learned this from the dermatologist and was surprised when my daughter's skin responded by turning a bright, pink color instead of the painful, oozing, yellow and white crust.

Oatmeal baths also calmed her inflamed skin. We stocked up on a popular store-brand by Aveeno. Next we realized that children's benadryl not only reduced the itching but also relaxed her overall condition. After bathing, it would not be very long before she drifted off into la-la-land.


Sunshine has long been an immune system booster. If you can get ten to fifteen minutes of direct sunshine exposure per day, especially on the psoriasis, your body will have the beneficial elements necessary to control any immune deficiency.

The alternatives to sunshine is a tanning salon or better yet, purchasing your own UV lights.

Topical products

I'm sorry to say that after-bath lotions do not seem to work, and more often than not, they aggravate the painful sores. We had taken our daughter to a Chinese practitioner who prescribe an herbal tonic that didn't seem to hurt her when applied, and to me, that was better than not applying anything at all as exposing her moist skin to air was painful. The most important thing to remember about lotions and creams is that they need to be 100% organic and natural. Some excellent topical cures to try.

Loose-fitting clothes worn at bedtime is probably a good choice, but my daughter refused to wear anything.


The next most important step to take is to immediately start taking a good probiotic in order to create a more healthy intestinal flora. Psoriasis starts in the intestines when toxins seep through the intestine walls and enter back into the system and eventually out through the skin. There is always an intestinal problem associated with psoriasis.

According to the Wall Street Journal, January 13, 2009, the recent boom in probiotic products reflects an effort to re-introduce bacteria that promote good health. When choosing a probiotic, look for products that list a specific strain of bacteria on their label, such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG - the final two letters identify the strain. A product that simply uses the first two names may include a similar, but not identical, bacterium that doesn't have the same scientific testing behind it. It’s best when the actual product - not just the bacterium - has been tested in humans. Look for the word "live" on the package, since organisms killed by processing won't be helpful. The expiration date may be particularly important, because even if a product still tastes good the bacteria may no longer be alive. For maximum benefit, try to consume a variety of different bacteria, as each may contribute something slightly different.

Eliminate toxins

The next several cures need to be done as quickly and concurrently as possible. You need to take concrete steps to rid the psoriasis sufferer of internal and external toxins. Specifically, begin eliminating the use of tap water for drinking and bathing if possible. There is too much chlorine in either. Adding baking soda to the bath is supposed to curtail the external absorption of chlorine into the skin, and purifying water will reduce the internal consumption of chlorine as well.


Accelerate the detoxification of any and all chemicals by replacing soaps, shampoos, and lotions with all-natural products. This includes eliminating the use of mainstream toothpaste and mouthwash. You can get natural toothpaste at most grocery stores today, and I use just plain, old-fashioned, witch hazel as a mouthwash/rinse. Witch hazel can also be used to cleanse the face before bedtime and in the morning instead of tap water.

Ongoing detoxification is essential

If your psoriasis sufferer has a white coating on his or her tongue that usually is a sign of excessive yeast or candidiasis. Cures for candidiasis are widespread, but eliminating sugar and treating for candidiasis will definitely guarantee the remission of psoriasis. This step is extremely difficult to achieve even for the most disciplined individual, but yields the greatest results. Alternatively, you can buy over-the-counter products that help reduce yeast, but I have yet to find one that eliminates it completely.

Summarize the detoxification process by continually reducing and eliminating the amount of internal and external toxins consumed by the psoriasis sufferer. I take very hot baths in Epsom salts because they are very detoxifying and also gives my body the necessary magnesium that most of us our deficient in.

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