Topical products with oats always soothed my daughter...

Oatmeal topical products:

I had to trust my daughter's physical and emotional barometer when it came to what topical products soothed her immediate needs. At first, it seemed that everything we tried was ineffective. But we never gave up. At the peak of her discomfort, when her skin was severely infected and widespread, soaking in a lukewarm bath in Aveeno (the main ingredient is colloidal oatmeal) or ground up oatmeal was our only hope for calm. To kill the infection, my daughter's dermatologist suggested adding a cup of regular household bleach to her bathwater. As reluctant as I was, we did try adding bleach and received much reduction of the infection.

However, we couldn't use a majority of creams that contain oatmeal because they contained other chemicals as well. The chemicals always, without a doubt, caused pain.

topical products, psoriasis cures, natural, safe, solutions Borrowed from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...this is a box of colloidal oatmeal used for soaking in your bath tub. No problem with pesticide or toxic ingredients here. People add colloidal oatmeal to bath water to soothe dry or irritated skin. If you had a bad case of poison ivy, hives or chicken pox, your mom might have added some to your bath water to make your skin feel better.

Apple cider vinegar:

The Psoriasis Foundation hears from people who apply apple cider vinegar to their skin as a treatment for psoriasis. People add it to the bath, mix it with a moisturizer, soak fingernails and toenails in it, and apply it directly to the skin with cotton balls or pads. The vinegar can be purchased at the grocery store. This is a must try. [Online] Available July 18, 2008.

topical products, psoriasis cures, natural, safe, solutions

Aloe vera:

A study published in 1996 in Tropical Medicine and International Health found that topical aloe vera was very effective in the treatment of psoriasis. By the end of the 16-week study, a cream with aloe vera extract caused a significant clearing of psoriasis in 25 of 30 patients, compared to two out of 30 with the placebo. It is really easy to find aloe today at many different stores. Just make sure that the products you choose do not have any added irritants. You can also find organic topical products on line or by seeking out your own organic products at

Emu oil:

The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends trying topical products, psoriasis cures, natural, safe, solutions emu oil as an alternative approach to soothing psoriasis topically. It is a natural transdermal carrier, which means it penetrates all layers of the skin. Emu oil is composed entirely of fatty acids that are similar to those found in our skin. Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids are essential compounds our skin needs to stay healthy and robust. Fatty acids from emu oil penetrate your skin to provide anti-inflammatory properties directly to the source. Types of conditions that warrant emu oil use are many. Skin conditions like psoriasis rapidly respond to emu oil and is effective for severe skin damage like burns and scars too. From simple wind overexposure to complex joint conditions like arthritic psoriasis, it helps ease symptoms.


The American Shea Butter Institute provides consumer and industry education on shea butter. They declare shea butter as a superior moisturizer, containing remarkable healing properties for various skin ailments. Unrefined shea butter has the largest healing fraction and contains very special natural ingredients that are ideal for healthier skin. Shea butter contains the one vitamin that is absolutely mandatory for healthy skin.

topical products, psoriasis cures, natural, safe, solutions

Additionally, shea butter contains several natural anti-inflammatory agents and a minor sunscreen agent. Clinical studies have shown that this topical product transforms the skin in as little as 4-6 weeks, into a softer, smoother, and better looking skin. Those who routinely use shea butter report a number of other special benefits for skin ailments, including relief from blemishes, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skin allergies, and wrinkles. Because of an abundance of healing ingredients, and its superior moisturizing activity, is in a unique class, as a stand-alone personal care topical product.